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We use superplate CLI with the following settings:

✔ Features: · fetch,axios,storybook,svgr,env
✔ Hooks · react-query
✔ State Management: · redux
✔ Do you want to use RTK Query ? · none
✔ i18n – Internationalization · next-i18next
✔ Linting tools: · eslint,prettier
✔ Do you want to use lint-staged? · lint-staged
✔ Testing Framework: · testing-library
✔ E2E Testing framework: · cypress
✔ Docker integration: · Docker
✔ Continuous integration: · github-actions

why next-i18next: Next.js — The Scalable Way to Internationalize Using next-i18next

Why RTL and not “pure Jest”? Cypress vs. RTL.

We can still use Cypress later if RTL is not enough.


  • Upgrade Node.js to v11 or later
  • Upgrade next-i18next to v8 or later
  • Replace .prettierrc with NestJS style:
  "singleQuote": true,
  "arrowParens": "avoid",
  "trailingComma": "all"

Use yarn v3+:

yarn set version berry

Change .gitignore to,macos,linux,visualstudiocode,node,yarn,react .

But use NON-Zero Install:

# if you are NOT using Zero-installs, then:
# comment the following lines
# !.yarn/cache

# and uncomment the following lines

Use .yarnrc without nodeLinker: node_modules to use PnP mode.

To support VS Code:

yarn dlx @yarnpkg/sdks vscode

Change your VSCode workspace configuration to add the following:

	"settings": {
		"typescript.tsdk": "tmra-next/.yarn/sdks/typescript/lib"

Then Ctrl+Shift+P > Select TypeScript version… > Use Workspace Version.

When building in CI, use: yarn install --immutable

React Router Server Side Rendering (SSR) in Next.js

TL;DR: Don’t. Just use Next.js routing with next/link and next/router.


Troubleshooting: Error Importing CSS

error - ./pages/_app.tsx:2:0
Module not found: Can't resolve 'simplebar/src/simplebar.css'
  1 | // scroll bar
> 2 | import 'simplebar/src/simplebar.css';

Solution: Add to tsconfig.json: (then restart yarn dev)

"allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true,

Troubleshooting: NextJS stuck with “build page: /next/dist/pages/_error” and “compiled successfully”


event - build page: /next/dist/pages/_error
event - build page: /next/dist/pages/_error
event - compiled successfully

Cause: Yarn’s nodeLinker is pnp. See next.js#21828.


Better workaround: yarn unplug next from

Older workaround: Edit .yarnrc.yml and change nodeLinker: node-modules.

You can reenable pnp after it’s working again.

Troubleshooting: Type error: Property ‘borderRadiusMd’ does not exist on type ‘Shape’. Did you mean ‘borderRadius’?

Invalid module name in augmentation, module '@mui/system' cannot be found.ts(2664)
module "@mui/system"

Cause: Declaration merging not working due to specified module not added to package.json.

Partial Solution 1: yarn add @mui/system

Partial Solution 2: yarn unplug @mui/system then “re-plug” by editing package.json dependenciesMeta

Type error: Property 'borderRadiusMd' does not exist on type 'Shape'. Did you mean 'borderRadius'?

  13 |   overflow: 'hidden',
  14 |   paddingBottom: theme.spacing(10),
> 15 |   borderRadius: theme.shape.borderRadiusMd,
     |                             ^
  16 |   backgroundImage: `linear-gradient(135deg,
  17 |     ${theme.palette.primary.main} 0%,
  18 |     ${theme.palette.primary.dark} 100%)`,
info  - Checking validity of types 

Cause: ?

Workaround: ?

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