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ORY Hydra

ORY: Open Source Identity Infrastructure and Services. Run User Management, Permission and Role Management, and OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect anywhere from your cloud to a Raspberry Pi. Notable ORY users include ThoughtWorks, Segment, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Hootsuite. ORY has 4 products:

ORY / KratosCloud native user management system. Provision IDs, store user information, configure authentication methods and use a headless API.
ORY / HydraOAuth 2.0 and OpenID Certified® OpenID Connect server. Secure access to your applications and APIs.
ORY / OathkeeperIdentity and Access Proxy (IAP). Authenticate and authorize all traffic, to interact with your applications.
ORY / KetoAccess Control and Permission Management Server. Use best practices (RBAC, ABAC, ACL, …) to secure your application.

OAuth2 with ORY Hydra, Vapor 3 and iOS 12

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