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Collaboration Tools

These tools support the day-to-day all-remote operations of all our teams. These should be kept always running as disruptions will slow the work of other teams.

Vendor-managed Services

As these services are hosted by cloud vendors, they’re maintenance-free. Our job is to configure security, billing, and align these services with our business objectives.

PurposeVendor/PlanCluster/Service NamesNotes
Customer Authentication (OpenID Connect)Migrating to FusionAuth from Firebase AuthFusionAuth: Lovia (application)
Firebase: heartenly-prd
Commercial: Google Cloud Identity Platform (upgrade to Firebase, $0.0055/MAU beyond 50,000 MAU + Firebase SAML $0.015/MAU).
Firebase/Google Cloud Identity Platform can only use (not act as) an external SAML Identity Provider: Single Sign On (SSO) for your Firebase app with SAML.
πŸ” OpenID Connect Identity ProviderFusionAuthlogin.lovia.lifeCommercial: Auth0 External ($23/1,000 MAU = $0.023/MAU), Auth0 Internal ($200/100 employees/mo), AWS Cognito, Azure, JumpCloud ($5-$10/u/mo) OneLogin ($50+/mo for 25 users), Okta.
Open source/core: Gluu, Keycloak, ORY Hydra, FusionAuth, FusionIAM/LemonLDAP::NG.
Due to vast pricing difference (and access patterns) of workforce vs. customer security products, we decided to separate the identity platforms of workforce/SAML (ORY/Gluu/Keycloak) vs customers (Firebase). FusionIAM (includes LemonLDAP::NG). OpenAM no longer supported by ForgeRock. ORY doesn’t support SAML yet.
For tools who need to support both identities (e.g. Lovia Chat), there are several alternatives:
1. Just use Firebase (may need custom development);
2. Configure Inbound SAML;
3. Support multiple authentication methods (like Rocket.Chat): probably the most practical. Note: supports multiple OAuth IdP’s.
Gluu and FusionAuth Feature Comparison
Gluu vs Keycloak: Gluu’s take, Gluu’s take again, OpenAppStack blog, bmaupin, FusionAuth’s take, Danny Varner’s take (TLDR: Auth0 wins but pricier, AWS Cognito is OK, Azure+Google no go for OIDC)
FusionAuth (free license available for unlimited users, $75+/mo for 2 vCPU β€” 4GB RAM without user limit): FusionAuth vs AWS Cognito. Clients: DataStax, IBM, Deutsche Bank, Roche.
About SAML: OpenID Connect should be preferred than SAML, due to ubiquity (ORY, AWS Cognito)
πŸ”— Configure Rocket.Chat to use Keycloak OpenID Connect
πŸ”— Security Practices
πŸ”— Serverless Secrets Management (AWS KMS, AWS Parameter Store)serverless-secret-baker
βœ‰ Email for Key Employees
πŸ“„ General Documents
πŸ“† Calendar/Events
G Suite Free/ (a.k.a.,,
Google Mail + Calendar + Drive + Docs + Sheets + Slides + Forms.
πŸ‘ Easy to use
πŸ‘ Integrates with desktop & mobile

Only key employees use G Suite, other users are shared G Suite folders/files using accounts.
Basic plan: $6/user/mo (monthly)
Pricing is not cost-effective with many users

Google Account Personal:
πŸ‘ Free for unlimited users
πŸ‘Ž Limited storage, team members don’t want to use their own storage
πŸ‘Ž Limited access control
βœ… General Task ListNotionTrello:
πŸ‘ Easy to use
πŸ‘ High quality app for all platforms
πŸ‘ Private boards
πŸ‘ Free features are generous
πŸ‘ Custom webhooks
πŸ‘Ž More powerups are paid
πŸ‘Ž No private tickets in Free plan
Alternatives: Notion ($8/user/mo, but SAML requires enterprise $20/user/mo), Issues, GitLab CE, Restya (open core OSL/PHP, premium addons), Taiga ($60/u/yr or AGPL/Python+PostgreSQL+RabbitMQ, used by Red Hat, HP), Wekan (open source+, seems less maintained than Restya), Asana, Airtable (low NPS?)
On Notion vs Coda vs Airtable: β€œI created an account with Coda and Airtable but they turned out not to be the kind of apps I was looking for. They were too complicated and I was worried people in my company would have not been able to use them. Notion instead was super simple to use.”
Tip: May use Cloudron ($30/mo) to install Taiga
πŸ’² FinanceZoho BooksLoviaBasic plan: $90/org/year
XenditHeartenlyTransaction fee
βœ‰ EmailYandex.Connect@team.lovia.lifeπŸ‘ Ad-supported up to 1,000 users
πŸ‘ Android/iOS apps
πŸ‘Ž Less user friendly than G Suite
πŸ‘Ž Less integration/support regarding e.g. authentication, security control, 3rd party apps

Self-hosted Services

PurposeSoftware/LicenseCluster/Service NamesNotes
πŸ‘₯ Employee Portal, Knowledge ManagementWordPress + BuddyPress + miniOrange Firebase pluginabout.lovia.lifeπŸ‘ Dogfooding+experience with WordPress that we provide Soluvas Chat plugin
πŸ‘ Polylang plugin support (Hendy think this plugin is not needed, just use English by default and create Indonesian pages for those who really need it)
πŸ‘ Customizable with free, paid, and custom plugins
πŸ‘ Some parts can be publicized, not just private (e.g.
πŸ‘ Support versions if you want
πŸ‘ Easy to edit with Gutenberg editor or Elementor
πŸ‘ Can customize Gutenberg/Elementor blocks, a plus compared to Markdown (used by GitLab’s Web IDE), e.g. embed Camunda-compatible BPMN file or refer directly to live Camunda workflow (note: Gutenberg is good enough by default, Elementor for harder core ones)
πŸ‘ Can create hierarchical content with table of contents
πŸ‘ Easier to create tables/rich content
πŸ‘ Potential dogfooding BuddyPress that we use at Lovia? (note: Lovia may use Soluvas instead to build BuddyPress core functionalities, since not all of BuddyPress is needed)
πŸ‘Ž Need to maintain (lesser with WordOps+Lightsail+UpdraftPlus)
πŸ”— How to Create and Intranet for Small Businesses with WordPress [WPBeginner]
Alternatives: Frappe, ERPNext, Alfresco
πŸ’¬ ChatRocket.Chat βš–MITchat.lovia.lifeπŸ‘ SAML authentication
βš™ General WorkflowCamundacamunda.lovia.lifeπŸ‘ Unlimited workflows and users
πŸ‘ Migration path to Zeebe
πŸ‘ Battle-tested
πŸ‘ Permissive open source (Apache)
πŸ‘Ž More technical than, say, ProcessStreet, Kissflow, etc.
πŸ‘Ž Needs maintenance
⏳ Needs integration with WordPress Intranet / WPForms
Alternatives: Joget DX & Workflow, Zeebe, n8n, Bonita, Activiti (note: Camunda was Activiti!), Bizagi, ProcessStreet, Flokzu, jBPM, UiPath ($4000+/user/yr), Automation Anywhere
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Low-Code Application PlatformSoluvassoluvas.lovia.lifeπŸ‘ Extreme dogfooding
πŸ‘Ž Still in development
Alternatives: Joget DX & Workflow, Appsheet, Airtable ($12/user/mo)


  1. “About Lovia” website



Appendix: Other Tools to Consider

PurposeSoftware/LicenseCluster/Service NamesNotes
πŸ’¬ ChatDiscordLoviaπŸ‘ Easy to use
πŸ‘ High-quality clients for web, desktop, mobile
πŸ‘ No maintenance
πŸ‘ Unlimited users
πŸ‘ API & bot integrations
πŸ‘ Both public (i.e. open source) and private channels
πŸ‘ Channels (unlike WhatsApp/Telegram)
πŸ‘Ž Voice & video call, Live streaming
πŸ‘Ž Not dog-fooding Soluvas Live Chat product
Alternatives: WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack
βš™ General WorkflowJogetπŸ‘ More user-friendly than Camunda
πŸ‘ Open source but viral copyleft (GPL)
βœ‰ Email (forwarder + SMTP)G Suite
AWS SES (N. Virginia)
To provide / / email addresses to non-G Suite users:
1. Setup forwarder in G Suite to their personal gmails
2. Create AWS SES users (N. Virginia) for each of them
3. Configure personal gmails to send using company email with SMTP
πŸ‘Ž Some people don’t want to use personal email for work email
πŸ‘Ž Setting up forwarder with proper SMTP is cumbersome (but manageable)
πŸ”‘ Team Password Management (Vault)HashiCorp Vault
+ raft
+ OIDC to ORY Hydra
pass.lovia.lifeAlternatives: HashiCorp Vault, Passbolt CE (open-source, self-hosted), Bitwarden Teams ($60/yr for 5 users) Bitwarden Enterprise ($36/u/yr), Thycotic Secret Server
Bitwarden: Requires SQL Server 2017 (AWS Singapore t3.small: $319+/yr or $0.062+/hr, AWS N.Virginia t3.small: $227+/yr or $0.044+/hr)
🀼 Human Resource Information System + PayrollERPNextBoth Sentrifugo and ERPNext are open source.
Sentrifugo has been described as “futuristic”, but lacks payroll module and responsive support.
ERPNext has Human Resources module, and may integrate with other parts better (accounting, taxes, etc.) Since ERPNext/Frappe is a general purpose open source framework it is customizable and can be used for dogfooding potential future product offer (since it’s highly relevant to Lovia Jobs). An alternative is both Sentrifugo (for its extensive modules) plus ERPNext (without the HR module). Currently Hendy is leaning towards ERPNext, as the additional Sentrifugo’s niceties do not offset ERPNext’s overall benefits. Also, we have a history of ERPNext/Frappe contribution.
Alternative: OpenHRMS (based on Odoo)
Using SaaS like Freshteam/Zoho People/Workday/BambooHR/OrangeHRM seems to be not cost-effective due to potential number of our contractors & internships.
Email MarketingMailtrain + ZoneMTAπŸ‘ MJML templates support with GrapesJS
πŸ‘ ZoneMTA support (claimed 500K messages/day) so we save on SES costs
πŸ‘ GPL license
πŸ‘Ž Mailtrain seems seldom maintained


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