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Note: We will not use PostgreSQL going forward and will focus on MariaDB for SQL. However, this documentation may be useful for general PostgreSQL tips.

Amazon RDS PostgreSQL v10 Parameter Groups

NameDescriptionAllowed ValuesSuggested Value
pg_stat_statements.trackSelects which statements are tracked by pg_stat_statements.NONE, TOP, ALLALL
random_page_costSets the planners estimate of the cost of a nonsequentially fetched disk page.0-1.79769e+3081
shared_preload_librariesLists shared libraries to preload into server.auto_explain, orafce, pgaudit, pglogical, pg_hint_plan, pg_similarity, pg_stat_statements, pg_transport, plprofilerpg_stat_statements
track_activity_query_sizeSets the size reserved for pg_stat_activity.current_query, in bytes.100-1024002048

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