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Pre-Onboarding communicates that the internship candidate is considered for a specific internship seat, roles and responsibilities, and to confirm his/her interest in the position. The Manager schedules a 60-minute recorded Zoom video conference with the internship candidate and informs the meeting agenda. We remove sensitive information/credentials from the meeting recording before publishing to Lovia Team YouTube channel (the video may be unlisted or public).

The internship candidate should prepare his/her personal and professional stories before the meeting. This will ensure a timely meeting and encourage good asynchronous collaboration practices that are essential for an all-remote team.

The meeting agenda is as follows:

0. Lobby Talk (5 mins before start)Get to know each other, audio & video check
1. Segue (5 mins; 00-05)1. Candidate introduces him/herself, shares personal/professional good news about him/herself
2. Manager introduces him/herself, shares personal/professional good news about him/herself or the company
2. Personal Story (10 mins; 05-15)Candidate shares his/her:
* personal interests
* hobbies
* favorite books, music, Korean drama, etc.
* life values
* family
3. Professional Story (10 mins; 15-25)Candidate reviews his/her:
* education history
* career history
* achievements
* strong skills
* career outlook and 5-year future plan
* your motivation to join Lovia?
4. Company Brief (10 mins; 25-35)Manager shares:
* company vision (core values, core focus, 10 year target financially and people ops)
* products & services
* EOS methodology
* collaboration tools: FusionAuth SSO, About Lovia, Notion, Lovia Chat, GitLab, AWS, Kubernetes, Cawemo
5. Seat Brief (10 mins; 35-45)Manager shares a brief overview of the candidate’s:
* roles and responsibilities (i.e. expected results), and accountability chart
* suggested tasks
* timeline
* non-disclosure agreement (NDA) — yet we are very open about many things!
6. Benefits & Facilities (5 mins; 45-50)Manager explains the (non-monetary) benefits and facilities team members (including interns) will have access to.
Time & Attention
* weekly 1-on-1 mentoring (both during a Level 10 Meeting and a dedicated mentoring session)
* meals during on-site events/meetings
* Lovia Handbook. These pages are not read-only: all team members are strongly encouraged to give suggestions, make edits & improve our Handbook
* TutsPlus Premium tutorials, courses, guides, e-books
* SkillJet Premium courses
* DataDriven courses
* if you need books, courses, learning resources, etc. go get it, expense it, and we’ll reimburse you
* unlimited usage of premium stock photos, videos, music, templates, etc. at Envato Elements and Twenty20
* digital marketing & creative design software subscriptions, e.g. Crello, Canva Pro, Flixier, Wave.video, InVideo, etc. see complete list here: Sales & Marketing
* real-world datasets (under NDA)
Transportation & Communication Expenses
* transportation expenses, including gasoline, ojol
* mobile data
* compute, storage, databases, SaaS, CI/CD, in GitLab, AWS, and Kubernetes
…additional tools & resources as needed.
Digitally Verifiable Certificate of Completion
* Here’s an example (Angela’s): https://talentiva.net/certs/6136fc66-6277-4764-b39b-c57fb007fc24/
7. Q & A (5 mins; 50-55)Candidate can ask anything about the internship, benefits, responsibilities, schedule, etc.
Candidate should feel free to ask guidance on additional preparations/learning that may help smooth the upcoming onboarding process, so he/she can be productive from day one.
8. Conclude (5 mins; 55-60)* Recap the todo list
* Review the internship contract
* Schedule onboarding meeting, which should be no later than 4 business days before start date
* Ensure there are important reminders in the Notion card

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