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Sales & Marketing


These are the tools available to Sales & Marketing teams:

  1. Project management & database:
    1. Ops Lovia (Flowlu).
    2. LoopedIn. Product roadmap, ideas, feedback, and product updates/announcements.
    3. Infinity.
    4. Taskade. Task management and notes.
    5. W3Dart. Visual feedback collection tool.
    6. MarkUp (Free plan). MarkUp lets you collect feedback directly on your website, PDFs and images.
  2. Marketing automation:
    1. Mautic, email and omnichannel marketing automation.
      Previously we used Sendy and Sendybay $60/year.
    2. Gravitec. Web push notifications for max 150k subscribers per website.
    3. VBOUT. Email and omnichannel marketing automation.
      1. Marketing Automation Courses
        There are premium courses through these links:
        https://academy.vbout.com/courses/lead-generation-and-marketing-automation-master-class/ ($3K course)
        https://academy.vbout.com/courses/vbout-agency-certification/ ($995 course)
        And use code “VBOUTAGENCY2021” or “COURSEFRIEND2021”
        Free: VBOUT Training and Certification
      2. Automation
      3. Lead Management
      4. Email Marketing
      5. Landing Pages
      6. Social Media + Ad Analytics. Manage all your social media channels and profiles from one place, including Ads analytics.
      7. Analytics.
      8. Pipeline Manager.
      9. Client Reports (Whitelabeled).
      10. REST API.
    4. Encharge. Broadcast Newsletters, User Journey Flow Builder, Behavior Emails, A/B testing for Broadcasts and Flows, Personalization, User Profiles, User Segments, Lead Scoring, Email Editor, Transactional Emails, Email Verification. Limits: 5,000 Subscribers; 100k tracking events/month.
    5. Consolto. Video chat, live chat, and calendar booking widget.
    6. Nexweave. Generate personalized images, GIFs, and videos.
    7. Modules Composer. Email builder.
    8. SendFox. Email marketing for max 6,500 contacts.
    9. Sendgomail. Email marketing.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):
    1. Google Analytics 4. Periodic Table of Google Analytics 4.
    2. Plerdy. Conversion rate optimization tools: Heatmap, Popup forms and feedback (NPS), SEO checker, Session Replay, Event and Goal Tracking (synchronized with Google Analytics), E-commerce Sales Performance, Conversion Funnel Analysis. Limit: 10 websites, 75k daily page views. Has WordPress plugin for integration, but still needs to copy-paste tracking script manually.
    3. TruConversion Pro. 6 features: Smart Funnel + Funnel Analytics, Heatmaps, Visitors recording, Microsurvey, Customer survey, Form Analytics (vs. Marquiz).
    4. Convert Pro. Exit Intent Technology, Multi-Step Popups, On Click Popups, Easy A/B Testing, Completely Responsive, Advanced Targeting.
    5. MarketPlan. Marketing & sales funnel visualization and tracking.
    6. Boostools (seems dead?). Web Push Notifications, Nudge Notifications, On-Site Messages, Exit-Tab Messages, Widgets.
  4. SEO tools:
    1. SerpWatch. SEO rank tracker, keyword analysis, SEO competitive analysis.
    2. Brand Overflow.
    3. Nozzle. SEO rank tracker, competitor analysis.
    4. Scalenut. SEO Assistant, Long-form AI copywriting.
    5. BiQ.
    6. Squirrly SEO. Whitelabeled Soluvas SEO plugin: Dev Kit. Digital Marketing Superstars online courses.
    7. Outranking. SEO article editor and AI copywriting.
    8. WriterZen. SEO article editor. Facebook Group.
    9. Link Chest by SEO Buddy.
    10. Social Animal. Engagement analysis for content marketing.
    11. TopicMojo (by Brand Overflow).
    12. VisualSitemaps. Visual site map crawler/generator and competitor analysis.
    13. Rank Tracker. Rank tracking and SERP competitor analysis.
    14. Google Search Console
    15. Bing Webmaster Tools
    16. Dorik. Website builder (limited until Oct 8, 2021).
  5. Growth Automation
    1. TexAu. Facebook group.
    2. LinkHelp. LinkedIn automation (for Selvia only).
    3. LeadDelta. LinkedIn contact manager (for Hendy only).
  6. Content writing
    1. Content Villain. AI-based copywriting generator (unlimited credits).
    2. Peppertype.ai. AI-based copywriting generator (unlimited short-form credits + 90k long-form credits/month).
    3. Writesonic: AI-based copywriting generator.
    4. ContentBot: AI-based copywriting generator.
    5. Linguix. Grammar and spell checker. Chrome extension.
  7. Stock photos, videos, music, animations:
    1. Envato Elements.
    2. Twenty20.
    3. Yayimages Startup.
  8. Graphic design templates & built-in stock photos: Canva.
    1. Crello.
    2. RelayThat.
    3. Already installed as WordPress plugin: Kadence, Qubely.
  9. Ads
    1. Google Ads (including YouTube)
    2. Facebook Business Manager: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads
    3. ADYOUNEED. Facebook Ads and Google Ads assistant with AI copywriting.
  10. Social media planner (scheduled posting), analytics, and listening:
    1. Ocoya. Social media planner with integrated graphic designer and AI copywriting.
    2. Metricool. Social media planner, analytics, and ads.
    3. Oviond. Website, ads, and social media reporting.
    4. Social Champ Publish. Social media planner, analytics, and ads.
    5. Social Champ Engage. Social media DMs.
    6. RADAAR. Social media planner, listening, and analytics. Social media supported: Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Person, LinkedIn Company, Google Search, Vimeo. Has iOS & Android mobile app.
    7. SocialBee. 5 profiles only for HendyIrawan.com (until July 2022).
  11. Lead generation tools:
    1. Beacon. Lead magnet creator, including ebooks.
    2. Viral Loops. Prelaunch and referral/viral campaigns.
    3. Qwary. Survey and questionnaire for leads, customers, marketing. But no scoring (yet?).
    4. Zonka Feedback. Customer satisfaction surveys.
    5. Youengage. Surveys and personality tests.
    6. Marquiz. Quiz with scoring and conditional outcomes, but must use lead form. Support and development speed is not good.
    7. Decktopus. Interactive slides and presentation.
    8. KingSumo.
    9. TruConversion Pro. (see above)
    1. Plerdy. (see above)
    1. Encharge. (see above)
    2. Lead Magnet that Convert (ebook).
  12. Video/screen recording, editor & hosting:
    1. Wave.video, InVideo, Tyle, and Crello. Quick video creator including stock photos & stock videos.
    2. Vadootv. Video hosting (1.5 TB).
    3. Adilo. Video hosting (unlimited storage).
    4. Vmaker. Video/screen capture & asynchronous meetings.
    5. Berrycast. Video/screen capture & asynchronous meetings, unlimited storage.
    6. FlexClip. Video editor with unlimited projects and 100 GB space.
    7. Flixier. Long-length video editor including stock photos & stock videos.
    8. Pictory. Script/Blog to video with editor and voice-over.
    9. BIGVU. Teleprompter for Android & iOS.
    10. Happy Scribe. Video transcription & subtitling.
    11. LOVO. Automatic voice over / text-to-speech (TTS). 100 downloads/month.
    12. WOXO. Create videos from spreadsheets and display social content with widgets to level up your marketing.
    13. Listnr. Automatic voice over / text-to-speech (TTS).
  13. Pabbly Connect. Integration automation (12,000 tasks/month). Due to quota reasons, it’s preferred to either integrate APIs directly or using Camunda. But for other/ad-hoc integrations Pabbly Connect should work great. Private Facebook group Lifetime deals, offers, from Pabbly Connect.
  14. Data Analytics and Visualization:
    1. Google Data Studio (see below). For social media, Metricool and Oviond can be used to look quickly. Google Data Studio are used for internal numbers and for automated reporting by bots.
    2. Gyana. Data visualization. [Gyana Private Facebook Group]
    3. Grist. Collaborative spreadsheet and analytics.
  15. Chatbot:
    1. Continually. Lead generation chatbot builder.
    2. BotStar. Chatbot builder for web live chat and Facebook Messenger.
  16. Collaboration & meeting:
    1. Run The World. Webinar & conference (1,500 attendees).
    2. sKreen. Webinar & conference (300 speakers + 600 attendees).
    3. Vidlogs. Live & asynchronous meetings.
    4. Collaboard. Collaboration tool.
    5. SquadPal. Android app / iOS app.
  17. Legal:
    1. Signaturely. Send and sign documents.
    2. Docdown. PDF document automation/workflow. With Docdown you can create a workflow with each person filling their own sections, to generate a final document. Branding (max 3) can be customized, as well as email sender address (with SPF and DKIM support).
    3. Crove. PDF form builder and document generator. Facebook Group.
      Important Note: Currently Crove cannot assign signers to separate fields/sections and send emails to each signer in a chained way, and obviously there’s no audit trail as well. For that you’ll need to use Docdown or Signaturely.
    4. Iubenda. Privacy policy, Terms of service, and Cookie solution.
    5. DocPro. Document platform where members can find commonly used documents and tailor them through easy to use step-by-step instructions.
  18. Talent management, HR, & freelancing:
    1. QPage.
    2. Niceboard. Job board that powers Talentiva Job Board.
  19. Low-Code Platform & Courses:
    1. AppGyver.
    2. Zeroqode: Online courses.
  20. Infrastructure Management:
    1. CloudPages. WordPress server management.
    2. EWWW Image Optimizer. Image CDN, automating image compression, adjusting CSS/JS, and utilizing speed hacks. Unlimited sites, 2 TB monthly bandwidth.
    3. Cloudimage. Image CDN and optimizer.
    4. Beagle Security. Penetration testing.
    5. Virusdie. Malware scanner.
  21. Education & Training:
    1. Acadle. E-learning platform, used for: Talentiva Academy 2, Miluv (upcoming).
    2. Gurucan. E-learning platform: used for: Talentiva Academy 1.
    3. Spayee. E-learning platform: used for: Talentiva Academy 3.
    4. BloggingX Pro. Course Creation Master, BloggingX Automation System.
    5. AdLeaks.
    6. Startups.com. Business education and groups.
      1. BizPlan. Business plan creator.
      2. LaunchRock. Build a beautiful marketing page in minutes and begin building your audience before your next big launch.
      3. Fundable. Launch a Fundraise for Your Startup Online. Fundable has helped startups in every industry generate over $500 million in capital commitments from qualified investors using it’s streamlined platform. Equity Fundraising available to U.S.-based Startups only.
    7. TeachableU: Bonus Edition.
    8. Data Driven: Google Analytics 4 Bootcamp, Starting from Zero, Google Ads Bootcamp, LinkedIn Outreach Bootcamp, FB Ads Bootcamp, Agency Survival Bootcamp.
    9. Antler Launch Academy.
  22. E-Commerce, Payment Gateway and Subscription Billing
    1. Pabbly Subscriptions + Affiliate. Subscription billing and affiliate/referral tracking.
    2. Xendit. Payment gateway for Indonesia and Philippines.
    3. Studiocart. Sales funnels plugin for WordPress. Facebook Group.

See also: Video Publishing

Social Media Accounts

Social MediaLoviaMiluvSoluvasTalentiva
Inside Lovia 😎🤟
LINE OfficialTODO@lse2417c

Content Writing Freelance Projects


  1. Create the job description (public) and job details (private)
  2. Post the job to projects.co.id
  3. Select best bid from candidate freelancers
    • Shortlist freelancers before choosing
  4. Confirm freelancer acceptance
  5. Accept freelancer (handle deposit payment)
  6. Edit private job details with required credentials (lovia.life, Canva)
    • For lovia.life, ask to sign up at lovia.life, then ask the email used.
      • Note: While Customer SSO signup is not yet open,ask email + full name, create account in Firebase heartenly-prd, and assign a generated password
      • Set user’s role to Contributor
    • For Canva, etc.: Get credentials from Vault
  7. Share Google Docs with private job details to accepted freelancer via his/her Google account
  8. Collaborate and revise until job accepted
  9. Revoke access:
    • for Google Docs
    • for Lovia.life: downgrade account to Subscriber status
    • for Canva and other accounts: roll credentials and save to Vault
  10. Approve job in projects.co.id
  11. Send thank you WhatsApp
  12. Send thank you email
  13. Start another post-production workflow

Content Writing Rubric

Use the Content Review Grading Rubric for each article. Make a copy of the document for the article set. 10 sheets are provided, the first sheets gives overall summary of all articles.

Reference: https://moz.com/blog/guide-to-reviewing-web-page-content

Google Ads

Quality Score

Below are some potential low Quality Score culprits.  Be sure to go through this checklist when trying to boost your Quality Score:

  1. Check your destination URLs.  Have you made recent changes to your landing pages?  Are any of the destination URLs broken?  Do they all lead to working landing pages?  Below is a list of symbols that could break your destination URLs and what you can replace them with:
    1. Forward slashes (/) and backward slashes (\); replace them with a blank space or a dash
    2. Commas; replace them with a blank space or dash
    3. Apostrophes; replace them with nothing
    4. Parentheses; replace them with nothing
    5. Ampersands; replace them with a blank space or dash
  2. Check your site speed in Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics.  Google considers a slow load time to be the regional average plus three seconds, and if your page’s load time is below this threshold, it could be negatively affecting your Quality Score.
    1. Read about factors that contribute to a slow load time.
    2. Check out Google’s page speed Chrome & Firefox extension.
  3. Rewrite low click-through rate ads.  Google considers a low CTR to be <1.5%.
  4. Ensure that you have at least 3 extended text ads in every ad group.
  5. Ensure top-performing keywords are in your ads.
  6. Consider incorporating Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) ads to boost CTR.
  7. Conduct an account audit and restructure where needed.
    1. Consider pausing keywords with a CTR <1.5% with few or no conversions.
    2. Create smaller, more tightly themed ad groups.
    3. Make sure the landing pages for each ad group are highly relevant.
    4. Consider adding in broad match keywords if you have none.  When you add in new keywords to your account, they are given a baseline Quality Score based on the account’s history.  A new keyword only starts showing a Quality Score that is uniquely its own once it reaches impression threshold.Therefore, if you’re only running with phrase and/or exact match, consider adding in broad match to help the keywords reach the impression threshold so they can begin accruing their own unique Quality Score.

Google Data Studio

TODO: We plan to replace Google Data Studio usage with Visua.


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