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People Ops

Our team members are vital to the well-functioning of our company, and we strive not only to serve customers, but to ensure the well-being of all our employees.​

Why People Ops, not Human Resources Development? WideAngle’s article, both GitLab and HubSpot call this People Ops instead of HRD. In short it’s about branding:

  • Human Resources = the legal, ethical, and structural organization of employees and teams.
  • People Operations = the results-oriented, strategy focused leadership and management of people.


ERPNext HR. See ERPNext 11 webinar recording on HR module.

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Lovia Jobs ATS

If not immediately obvious, we dogfood our own product (Lovia Jobs) for applicant tracking system (ATS) 😎… which in turn, is developed using our Soluvas Open Source Low-Code Application Platform. Talk about heart-pounding levels of dogfooding! 😉


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