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Adding A New User (Company Email Address) on Yandex.Connect


  • Admin access to a Yandex.Connect domain
  • New user’s desired username
  • New user’s personal information: Full name, birth date, gender

How to Add A New User/Employee with Email Address

  1. Go to https://connect.yandex.com/
  2. If you have access to several domains, switch to the correct domain.
  3. Click Admin tools > Add an employee:

4. Fill the New employee form completely. It is recommended to generate a random initial password, as the new user will need to change it themselves.

5. Click the new user and change the profile photo:

6. Inform the user to:

First, sign in using web browser to https://mail.yandex.com using the new email address and initial password.
He/she will need to accept terms and conditions before the email address is usable.
Then, install Yandex.Mail app from Google Play or App Store, and sign in on mobile app.

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