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Mautic (Sales & Marketing)

Feature Tour

Send Bulk Email

To send bulk email in Mautic we need to do some preparation.

1. Make Segments

There must be so many Segments at Mautic in the future. To avoid the duplicating name problem or unclear naming, therefore we set Mautic Segments name structure:

Structure: [Business Unit] [Campaign] [Detail]

Example: Talentiva Recruitment PHP Developer

Segment Filter Fields

Here Is the link for Segmentation Name information:


Mautic Built-in Fields
Field NamePriorityTypeDescription
TitleP1LookupLeads to gender called
First NameP1TextLeads contact first name
Last NameP1TextLeads contact last name
EmailP1EmailLeads primary email
MobileP3PhoneLeads mobile number
Company NameP3TextThe company where the leads work
Company EmailP2EmailLeads company email
IndustryP3SelectThe industry that Leads company is involved
Lovia Custom Fields & Tags
Field NamePriorityTypeDescription
Contact Owner/Owner by usernameP1SelectContact Administrator Name
Talentiva Talent StageP1SelectOpen
Application Submitted
Regular Profile Complete
Schedule Interview
Interview Done
Interview No-Show
Job Offered
Job Offer Declined
Not Qualified
Not Contactable
Do Not Contact
Talentiva Employer StageP1Select
Talentiva Job RoleP1SelectPHP Developer
Business Development
Hiring OrganizationP1TextLovia
Raise Up Kids
Hiring DepartmentP2SelectEngineering
Business & Marketing
Human Resources
Lead Source TypeP1SelectLovia Website
Lovia Mobile App
Talentiva Website
Talentiva Mobile App
Talentiva Recruiter
LinkedIn Profile Search
LinkedIn Job Post
JobStreet Talent Search
JobStreet Job Post
Jobstreet Out Listing
Google Ads
Youtube Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Word of Mouth
Lead Source NameP1SelectPHP Developer
Business Development
GenderP1SelectMale – M
Female – F
Birth YearP3NumberLeads birth year
Request Input
Life Insurance brandP2Selecte.g. Allianz
(must be filled if they are an Allianz Life Insurance customer)
Life insurance policy numberP2Text(must be filled if they are an Allianz Life Insurance customer)
Life insurance nameP2Texte.g. AlliSya Protection Plus
(must be filled if they are an Allianz Life Insurance customer)

LinkedIn Input Fields

Contact Owner, First Name, Last Name, Email, Gender, Hiring Organization, Hiring Department, Talentiva Talent Stage, Talentiva Job Role, Lead Source Type, Lead Source Name.

LinkedIn Filters

Talentiva Talent Stage

Here step-by-step to add new Segments on Mautic

  • First, click the “plus” button on the top right of the Segments User Interface
  • Input Segment name using Mautic Segments name structure. Make sure “Public Segment” and “Published” are on “yes” value. Alias is auto-generated after we finish making the Segment.
  • This is the interface after finishing make a Segment

2. Make Email Template

In Mautic you can sand an email with design. there are several based theme by Mautic that you can choose. the content of the email can be variative, you can put; picture, video, link, button, and many more.

  • Click the “Plus” icon to add a new Email template
  • Choose the “New Segment Email” to make bulk email
  • Fill the Subject, Internal Name, Contact Segment, and Publish at (to auto-send the email on the set time). Then choose the theme you will use, and click “Builder” to access the email editor.
  • Next step, Edit content of the email. Click “Apply” after finish editing the email
  • Click “Save & Close” to finish the process
  • This is the interface after finishing make a Segment. Here you can try to send the email by choose the “send example”

3. Add Contact


Revenue Attribution

Attribution in Mautic


Birthday/Anniversary Campaign

When this functionality works properly, this is how the birthday/anniversary campaign should be structured:

Birthday campaign
Condition: Is birthday?


But there is bug #9040 since Mautic 3.0 that still occurs in Mautic 3.3 and not known when someone will fix this bug. 🙁

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