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Digital Marketing KPIs

Search marketing (SEO)

  1. Google Search impressions
  2. Google Search clicks
  3. Google Search CTR
  4. Rank for selected keywords

Website acquisition

  1. Users
  2. New users
  3. Sessions

Website engagement:

  1. Leads captured
  2. Sign ups
  3. Sign ins
  4. Item views (number of views to freelancer/service pages

Website monetization:

  1. Number of checkouts started
  2. Number of sales
  3. Website sales conversion rate


  1. CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions)
  2. CPC (cost per click)
  3. Ads CTR
  4. Cost per lead (potential customer)
  5. Lead sign up rate
  6. Cost per sale
  7. Sales conversion rate from Ads

Social media – LinkedIn:

  1. Post views
  2. Sign up rate from LinkedIn
  3. Sales conversion rate from LinkedIn

ok jadi aku bagi 6 kategori, masing-masing kategori ada beberapa PI. tapi yang paling utama KPI-KPI yang aku tandain bold


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