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Trailer Video


  1. Teaser sentence (no music, then music bridge to logo reveal)
  2. Lovia Logo Reveal Intro (music volume up)
  3. Product Logo Reveal
  4. Greeting + Company Tagline (new music plays with very low volume, loops continuously in background until outro)
  5. Product’s Unique Selling Proposition [+ Animated Intro]
  6. Remind to subscribe & Give a reason to subscribe
  7. Bridge to Product
  8. Product Highlights and Featured Benefits
    1. Product Highlight 1
    2. Product Highlight 2
    3. Product Highlight 3
    4. Product Highlight 4
  9. Punchline Benefit
  10. Conclusion and CTA (ends with music bridge to logo outro)
  11. Lovia Logo Reveal Outro (music volume up)
  12. Product Logo/Highlight Reveal with Lovia contacts & icons (music volume up)

Structure Explanations

Authoritas video structure dissected from AppSumo’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ7pxSLx1SA

1. Teaser sentence

Script (en): When you want to climb the Google ranks, look no further than Authoritas.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Kalau kamu ingin belajar yang menyenangkan, /
bereputasi, dan aman dari COVID-19, /
Lovia punya solusi buat kamu: Homeschooling HSPG!

Lovia Homeschooling Script (en): If you want to study in a school that is fun, /
reputable, and safe from COVID-19, /
Lovia has a solution for you: Homeschooling HSPG!

2. Greeting + Company Tagline

Script: Sumo-lings, what’s going on? It’s your boy Jay with AppSumo, the leading digital marketplace for all of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Dear Lovians, apa kabar? /
Saya Natania dari Lovia, /
sahabat terbaikmu untuk merencanakan studi dan masa depan yang cerah.

3. Product’s Unique Selling Proposition [+ Animated Intro]

Script: And today I am hyped to tell you about Authoritas, a robust SEO platform that helps website owners and agencies run more successful SEO projects in less time.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Dan hari ini Natan sudah tidak sabar untuk cerita tentang Homeschooling HSPG, /
homeschooling dengan Fun Learning dan Active Learning /
yang menerapkan protokol kesehatan sehingga kamu tetap terlindungi dari COVID-19.

Animated Intro:

  1. Screenshot / Photo or short video
  2. Unique Selling Proposition as animated text

4. Subscribe Reminder & Reason Why

Script: Before we dive into the walkthrough, do me a quick favor and subscribe to our new YouTube channel. It’s where you can find the videos for all of our Select tools, so you never miss out!

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Sebelum kita melanjutkan, yuk subscribe dulu ke YouTube channel Lovia. /
Di channel Lovia, kamu akan mendapatkan tips bagaimana meraih prestasi dan mendapat beasiswa, /
cara belajar yang mudah dan menyenangkan, /
juga merencanakan studi kamu untuk masa depan yang cerah.

5. Bridge to Product

Script: Alright, let’s dive into your ultimate SEO monitoring solution.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Baik, yuk kita lihat sama-sama tentang Homeschooling HSPG, /
salah satu homeschooling terbaik di Indonesia yang pas buat kamu.

6. Product Highlights and Featured Benefits

Script: There are four main sections of Authoritas.

  1. There’s the “Market Analysis” for keyword research and identifying opportunities.
  2. “Rank Tracking” for understanding your performance versus your competitors’.
  3. “Content 360” is great for deep dives into your technical page performance and metadata.
  4. And “Link Data”, where you can manage your backlink profile and the third parties that refer to your domain.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Ada empat keunggulan Homeschooling HSPG: /
Menerapkan protokol kesehatan yang ketat; /
Pembelajaran berkualitas dengan fun learning dan active learning; /
Dukungan vokasi dan deteksi psikologi untuk meningkatkan skills dan pengembangan diri; /
Dan, layanan pendidikan yang bersifat personal dan bebas konsultasi.

Illustration/Video tips:

  • For start of paragraph, show the presenter.
  • Change to the video synced to start of a sentence.

6.a. Product Highlight 1

Script: So let’s kick things off with the “Market Analysis”. The visibility explorer breaks down how you and your keywords appear on the web. Enter any site address, and you’ll get a curated list of 125 million keywords that are continually monitored and updated monthly. Here, you’ll see how many keywords were found for the domain query, the ranking pages, your overall visibility score, and more.

And guess what, global Sumo-lings: you can get these insights for 26 different countries!

Then, add up to 25 websites to compare and create a benchmark.

When you do, widgets automatically update to reflect the domains pulled in. There’s so much to dig into here. For example, this tab lets you see how keywords rank up in head to head matchup, and even breaks down the user intent rating and the average search volume, plus you can discover new optimization opportunities and terms to target.

Keywords found in the visibility explorer can then be exported and saved in the rank tracking module. Segment the data for each term by using these fillers at the top of the module. So for example, I’m going to select desktop and mobile, and then I’ll select the websites I want to compare. Boom! Authoritas delivers a side by side comparison of my domain versus my competitors’ on a desktop versus mobile level. Then I can use any of these filters to get the exact information I’m after.

Now let’s say I’m ranking for a keyword on multiple URLs. I can see both of them here and get more details on any keyword in one click. From here, I can see how different ranking URLs have compared over various time frames.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Jadi, yuk kita mulai dari keunggulan pertama. Homeschooling HSPG menerapkan protokol kesehatan yang ketat. Semua tenaga pendidik dan administrasi sudah divaksin. Dan kita selalu melakukan sterilisasi gedung. Sehingga kamu bisa belajar dengan aman dan nyaman.

6.b. Product Highlight 2

Script: Next up, let’s cruise over to the FAQ Explorer. Here, you can scrape questions directly from Google. Right away you’ll be able to see the questions for your search term, as well as the ranking URL and article, to help you target organic FAQs that’ll bring in the returns.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Selanjutnya, Homeschooling HSPG menerapkan pembelajaran berkualitas tinggi /
berstandar nasional dan internasional Cambridge. /
Dengan menerapkan Fun Learning, belajar menjadi menyenangkan dan tidak membosankan. /
Active Learning mengajak kamu ikut berpartisipasi, / bukan hanya menonton saja. /
Proses belajar menjadi hal yang interaktif dan mengasyikkan, /
target materi tetap tercapai, /
kamu juga bisa meraih prestasi yang gemilang!

6.c. Product Highlight 3

Script: Alright, next I want to show you the “Content 360” module! This section combines crawl data, Google Analytics data, and keyword ranking summary data to paint a complete picture of the performance metrics you need to fix web issues that are impacting performance. Plus, you know Google loves URLs, so Authoritas is here to make sure that your pages deliver.

And check it out: competitor sites can be crawled as well, and you have complete control of the configuration of every crawl.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Lalu, Homeschooling HSPG punya program bimbingan vokasi dan deteksi psikologi. /
Keren banget nih! /
Dengan program vokasi, kamu dapat meningkatkan skills untuk menyiapkan masa depan kamu. /
Dan kamu juga bisa mengikuti deteksi psikologi, untuk mengembangkan diri kamu.

6.d. Product Highlight 4

Script: Last but not least, let’s check out the “Link Data” module, where you can get an understanding of your backlink profile or the backlink profile for any competitors you’re monitoring. Click into any of these websites to get more deets, like where the link originates from and where it points toward. Lastly, there is the a unique feature to Authoritas: The influence and relevancy scores based on firehose access to Majestic link data.

Most importantly, you can also see if any of your competitors are getting links from the same source. Plus, find out where your competitors are being linked that you aren’t, so you can jumpstart your next link building campaign!

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Terakhir, layanan pendidikan di Homeschooling HSPG bersifat personal buat kamu. /
Jadi, kamu dan orang tua selalu bisa berkonsultasi dengan tenaga pendidik yang berpengalaman, /
agar kamu bisa cepat mengatasi kesulitan yang kamu alami, /
dan makin pede untuk meraih prestasi terbaik kamu!

7. Punchline Benefit

Script: All of the data from these modules can be represented in your dashboard through customizable widgets. You can control everything including what information goes into each widget, the order in which they are displayed, and how many appear.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Semua keunggulan tadi didukung oleh lembaga Homeschooling HSPG resmi yang sudah berpengalaman, /
tenaga pendidik yang profesional, /
infrastruktur yang modern, /
dan metode belajar yang sudah teruji.

8. Conclusion and CTA

Script: So what’re you waiting for? It’s time to master SEO once and for all. Start climbing the Google ranks today with Authoritas.

Lovia Homeschooling Script (id): Jadi tunggu apalagi? /
Sekarang waktunya kamu meraih prestasi terbaik dengan belajar yang menyenangkan, /
dan aman dari virus corona. /
Segera mendaftar di Homeschooling HSPG di kotamu melalui website Lovia, /
mitra resmi Homeschooling HSPG.

Overall Video Workflow

  1. Get the reference video or images. The audio won’t matter as it will be replaced entirely.
  2. If there is no reference video yet, combine the images using Wave.video, InVideo, Tyle, or Decktopus.
  3. Create a BIGVU project and base from existing template, and modify it to the fit the product.
  4. Shoot the BIGVU project using:
    • landscape mode
    • good microphone (Bluetooth is okay, as we can sync it later)
    • good phone camera
    • good lighting
    • good make up if possible
  5. Import the BIGVU recording into Flixier

Overall Video Specs

Video dimensions is 1920×1080 landscape. Edited using Flixier.

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