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Purchase Invoice

Purchase Invoice is a bill you receive from your supplier against which you need to make the payment

If you want to make New Purchase Invoice :

  • Search Purchase Invoice in searchbar
  • Add Supplier
  • Checklist Edit Posting Date and Time, if you want to change
  • Add items and quantitiy


  • Draft: A draft is saved but yet to be submitted to the system.
  • Return: The Items have been returned to the Supplier.
  • Debit Note Issued: The Items have been returned and a Debit Note has been issued against the invoice.
  • Submitted: The Purchase Invoice has been submitted to the system and the general ledger has been updated.
  • Paid: The invoice amount has been to the Supplier and a Payment Entry┬áhas been submitted.
  • Unpaid: The Purchase Invoice is yet to be paid.
  • Overdue: The due date has passed for payment.
  • Canceled: The invoice has been canceled due to some reason.

Asset Received But Not Billed

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