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Journal Entry

A Journal Entry is an entry made in the general ledger and it indicated the affected accounts. Transaction in Journal entry must be same amount for debit and credit accounts.

Journal Entries can be used for entering expenses, opening entries, contra entries, bank payments, excise entries, etc. For example, booking running expenses, direct expenses like petrol/transport, sundry expenses, adjustment entries, and adjusting invoice amount.

How to find Journal Entry?
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If you want create Journal entry :

  • Search Journal Entry List in searchbar
  • You can change Entry type if you want
  • You can change posting date if the transaction ago
  • In Accounting entries, you can add accounts for debit and credit, add row if need more column

If you want creating the Journal Entry a bit easier, Go to Quick Entry below Save box
You only need to fill :

  • Amount
  • Debit Account
  • Credit Account
  • Date

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