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Items is products or services offered by the company.
How to Access Items in ERPNext?
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Before create an Item, you can create :

  • Item Group
  • Warehouse

If you want to create New Item :

  • Search Item List in Search bar
  • Click New
  • Fill
    • Item Code
    • Item Name
    • Item Group
    • Default Unit of Measure
  • Save

There are some options to create an Item :

  • Disabled: If you disable an Item, it cannot be selected in any transaction.
  • Allow Alternative Item: If you checklist this, you can create and select an alternative item from the Item Alternative list.
  • Maintain Stock: Checklist Maintain Stock if the item must having stock, but if the item not having stock like services you can unchecklist Maintain Stock
  • Include Item in Manufacturing: This is for raw material Items that’ll be used to create finished goods. unchecklist this box if your item is service
  • Standard Selling Rate: When creating an item, entering a value for this field will automatically create a default item price for a transaction. If an item has been saved, cannot enter the default item price
  • Is Fixed Asset: Checklist this checkbox if this item is a company Asset.
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