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No company (or human being!) can work without money (at least not today😅). That’s true right?



TODO: Wait for Revita to complete this section.

Zoho Books

👍 Maintenance-free
👍 Good enough REST API & documentation
👎 Pricing less reasonable for many users
👎 No support for PSAK (Indonesian accounting & tax rules)
Alternatives: jurnal.id, ERPNext


Miluv currently uses Xendit to handle payments from Indonesia.

Stripe (Future)

We plan to use Stripe for international payments, especially due to its tight integration with ChartMogul/ProfitWell (subscription analytics).

Subscription Analytics

We use ChartMogul as subscription analytics. We’re also evaluating ProfitWell as alternative but so far ChartMogul has faster data loading and more comprehensive API (with customer/plan/invoice structure).


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