Importance of BPMN for Companies Development

BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) is a method used to visualize business processes and is mainly used by enterprises to help relevant stakeholders understand their job. BPMN is also a tool that can be used not only for visualizing current state but also future state of business process. And how does BPMN benefits enterprises?

  1. As said before, BPMN helps relevant stakeholders understand their job. BPMN helps people comprehend what they should do, how do they do it, and why they have to do it. 
  2. Working with different people from different fields especially in digital enterprises, sometimes may be a challenge as it is hard to understand other teams’ ideas. By doing visualization with BPMN, it helps the communication process become clear as BPMN is one of unified modeling language.
  3. BPMN helps to understand how to handle the occurrence of errors and exceptions. This may help companies to be consistent in handling problems, etc.

Below is a case where we can use BPMN to model some business rules. We will use an example of creating a bill.

Source: https://camunda.com/bpmn/examples/

This BPMN diagram shows the process of creating a bill that is triggered by an event that requested a bill. In order to create a bill, we first have to compute a discount. We don’t have to expand how to compute discount manually as computing discount rules can grow exponentially. As the discount computed, we then can create a bill. This is a simple use case of BPMN process that helps business stakeholders to understand every process in a project and strategy of the organization. It can be inferred that BPMN is crucial in the growth and consistency of any companies, including digital companies. 

Digital companies nowadays compete to have a system that produces the most out of their business. Some digital companies have participated in building conversational chat agents using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help users understand more about services they provided. Imagine having big companies that have millions of data. To understand what the user wants as well as to give user satisfaction, it’s impossible to approach all users manually since it takes a lot of time and also energy. That is why automation in the product or services is needed to help both users and owner obtain satisfaction with minimum effort. Besides gaining satisfaction, AI can help improve the “branding” of the company by trying to entice the users to have the desire into buying or using the company services or products. The process stating every decision of building conversational chat agents can also be modelled using BPMN. One platform that provides automation of decision making or policy for any kind of organization is Camunda BPM.

Camunda BPM can be used to state all processes needed in workflow-driven that first can be initialized manually before developing AI to know the baseline performance without using AI. As the first step, it is safe to state first all the rules when building automation workflow such as environment, state, actions and policy. At the end, the goal is to build automated services that can interact with users as “seamless” as possible.

Finally, BPMN is a useful tool for business modeling and developing consistency of a company. By using the right tool,  BPMN can help the company achieve its goal. We can start to invest more time to understand BPMN basics as this benefits us to get more insights about the business process as well as technical process.

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