BPMN Workflow Automation

In 23 th April 2020 I’m just following Global Online Conferences held by Camunda. There was a lot of section held there, so it takes two days to take place. But unfortunately im just following 2 section with the section title “Reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Enterprise” and “500+ Processes and Counting…Managed workflow platform at Societe Generale” , so let me just explain it a little bit here.

The first section is filled with Jacob Freund, it was really great explanation there, but I think he spoke too fast, well it was fine. Camunda is an open-source workflow and decision automation platform. Camunda ships with tools for creating workflow and decision models, operating deployed models in production, and allowing users to execute workflow tasks assigned to them.It is developed in Java but it can use for another languange and released as open-source software under the terms of Apache License. It provides a Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard compliant workflow engine and a Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard compliant decision engine, which can be embedded in Java applications and with other languages via REST. There was a lot of platform for BPM but Camunda BPM is Lightweight and Developer Friendly, u can see more advantages of Camunda here:

Camunda used by many Company, for axamle now it used by “RemedyMatch.io”. Remedymatch bridging the delivery bottlenecks during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure the personal protection of those on the frontline, it use Camunda as the backend of RemedyMatch logistic solution to make sure it can quickly and accurately match thousands of protective article with people who need them each day. I think it’s really important for some company to have their own BPMN workflow outomation. So what is BPMN workflow outomation?

It was example of BPMN workflow automation, Workflow automation is a created series of automated actions for the steps in a business process. It is used to improve everyday business processes because when your work flows, you can concentrate on getting more done and focusing on the things that matter. It allows teams to spend more time on the actual work itself and less time on the processes that support them. Usual BPMS have some features like:

  • One-stop shop
  • Proprietary app development
  • Out of the box monolith
  • Technical paradigm from 2000s

But with Camunda u will get many feature like:

  • Plugin orchestration
  • Business it collab
  • Open souce and standards
  • Highly flexible architecture
  • Cloud-native
  • And many more

Camunda orchestrate can handle anything such as:

For example the BPMN would be like this:

The old one the orchestrator pushes to worker, but later it will the worker pulls from orchestrator, it would be like this:

The point is workflow outomation have 3 element, it was ablity to orchestrate any aspect of business , no matter human or system, it can use for any technical setup, and it can use at any scale, able to automate any possible way of transtraction.

Artificial intelligent(AI) its already helped many diital enterprise, it can save time and money for it’s own company, couse machine are more efficient than humans, they can work for 24/7, they don’t sleep, they don’t think and the important one is they don’t get bored, they can calculate a lof of simulation and statistics things with a single second. AI really helped human especially for making decision. Advances in AI like Machine learning (ML) and Computer Vision(CV), have greatly increaded the number of potential candidate worksflow that can be automated. Before that workflow automation was limited to simple task that could be handled by robotic process automaton(RPA). But with CV and ML now it can do more sophisticated data recognition and can actually learn and improve processes through historical data. What are some of the candidate processes that workflow automation and artificial intelligence can handling? Patient scheduling, revenue cycle management, IT, billing, supply chain, inventory management, and human resources are just a few of the areas that are already benefiting from artificial intelligence and workflow automation technology. But there are too many capabilities to mention, and more possible candidate processes for automation  are being developed every day. Here if u want to read some of the benefits of workflow automation:

BPMN is really useful for digital enterprise, it can help company for many things, so for us who didn’t know about it, let’s start to understand it couse it serious have more benefite then we think.

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