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Integrating RASA chatbot assistant to Facebook Messenger

Here is tutorial on how we can integrate RASA chatbot assistant to Facebook Messenger.

Here we’ll be using ngrok to expose a local server on the internet, so make sure you have installed ngrok before.
If you haven’t installed ngrok, you can install it here.

  1. Make sure you have created an account in facebook for developers here.
  2. Go to My Apps and create a new app.
  3. Click on the app and go to dashboard. Scroll down to My Products and locate Messenger section. Click on settings on messenger section.
  4. Create a new page and get the page access token. Copy the page access token and paste it in credentials.yml on page-access-token on facebook field.
  5. Click settings, then click basic menu on the side bar. Copy the app secret and paste it in credentials.yml in secret field on facebook field.
  6. Fill the verify field in credentials.yml with any string of your choice.
  7. Run the ngrok.exe, using this command “ngrok http port_number (change the port_number to any port number you available).
  8. Replace the action_endpoint in endpoints.yml file on RASA with https://<YOUR_HOST>/webhooks/facebook/webhook (change YOUR_HOST with the https host on ngrok)
  9. Run the “rasa run” command. And replace the webhook on facebook with url in action_endpoint and verify code on credentials.yml

For more explanation about integrating RASA to facebook messenger you can check out this video:

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