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Easy to Create, Signup form with Material UI || ReactJS

Here’s an easy step by step on how to create a signup form with material UI. first, we have to install Material-UI package. Go to https://material-ui.com/getting-started/installation/ and you can see how to install it. You can install it with npm or yarn.

// with npm
npm install @material-ui/core
// with yarn
yarn add @material-ui/core

Then you can go to https://material-ui.com/getting-started/templates/ and see the templates. Here’s we gonna choose the signup templates, go look the source code in https://github.com/mui-org/material-ui/tree/master/docs/src/pages/getting-started/templates/sign-up. Simply copy the files into your project, and import and use the SignUp component. Use that component to any pages you want. Down below, we also provide you a video tutorial about it.

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