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SAFe®️ (Scalable Agile Framework)

Lovia uses Scrum as our primary software development methodology, and in the future we plan to adopt SAFe in the future as we grow.

SAFe is an approach which consumes the whole enterprise and not just a team. SAFe®️ scales Scrum to make it work for bigger enterprises and has bigger teams working on the same product than what Scrum recommends. SAFe®️ has described three levels in an organisation, viz Portfolio, Program, and Team. This structure is widely accepted in large organizations as it has a tiered approach for delivery of its work. Unlike Scrum, it focuses on retrospect and releases planning as well, so that improvements can be made. 

The three important parts of SAFe® are:

  • Lean Product Development 
  • Agile Software Development 
  • System Thinking

To summarize, Agile is a mindset, a way of working; Scrum is a framework based on Agile values and principles, while SAFe®️ is a scaling framework that implements Scrum at an enterprise level. 

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