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EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) or also called Traction is a methodology for running a business, created by Gino Wickman.

EOS 1: Vision

EOS 2: People

EOS 3: Data

EOS 4: Issues

EOS 5: Process

EOS 6: Traction

Goals, Rocks, To-dos, and Issues

Goals, Rocks, To-dos, and Issues



There are some video reference for meeting “The level 10 meeting agenda” from EOS. This very important to use because this way can make your meeting more effective.

In this video you will get some step for effective meeting

  1. Segue
  2. Review Scorecard
  3. Report
  4. Issues (Identify, Discuss, Solve)
  5. Conclusion

For more detail you can see the video in below.

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