My First Step with Lovia

Hai! My name is Fianti Krisna Dewi, but you guys can call me Defi. I am graduated bachelor of Business Management Telecommunication and Informatics from Telkom University. Fun fact about me is I am a talkative person, when I stressed about working or anything, I recharge myself by talking with others. I like telling my story and also I am a good listener too, because by listening to other’s, we can take another insight that we didn’t know before.

As a startup company in digital era, we are required to adapt to existing developments. How to enlarge the brand and so on. Being part of the Lovia team is a challenge and will be precious experience. There will be lots of new things to learn, and of course I can increase the knowledge I had before. So in the future my hopes is to be able to provide the best value for the company. Good luck for me!

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