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Foster Homes

We maintain a list of foster homes including orphanages (LKSA/PSSA). The database is maintained collaborating with Forum Nasional LKSA-PSAA.

Custom App for Frappe/ERPNext

We maintain a custom app called raiseupkids. It has several DocTypes:

  1. Foster Home

Importing Foster Home Records from Excel File

We get list of orphanages from Forum Nasional LKSA-PSSA as Excel file. This documentation shows how to import that into ERPNext.

  1. Go to Foster Home List
  2. Click Menu > Import
  3. Click New Data Import
  4. Import Type > Insert New Records
  5. Download Template > Export type: 5 Records, File type: Excel, Fields: All
  6. Upload & open this file in Google Sheets

Some field values need to be translated:

  • Jenis Pelayanan: Panti Asuhan -> Orphanage
  • Status Kepemilikan:
    Milik Masyarakat -> Citizen
    Milik Pemerintah Kab/Kota -> Municipal Government
    Milik Pemerintah Provinsi- > Provincial Government

7. Download Foster_Home_yyyy-mm-dd.xlsx
8. Upload that file to Data Import
9. Click Start Import

Troubleshooting: Partial Success. Solution: Refresh the Data Import document, and inspect the “Show Failed Logs” section.

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