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Lovia Profile Service

Lovia Profile Service v5 will provide a GraphQL API powered by Strapi and Apollo Server, deployed to AWS Fargate.

Miluv Profile v4.1 uses NestJS and Apollo Server, used to bridge the transition especially for SatukanCinta and Lovia Console v5. It is deployed using Serverless Framework to AWS Lambda and API Gateway (regional endpoint)

Miluv Profile v4.1 GraphQL API

The API 99% follows Strapi REST API Parameters and GraphQL conventions in order to make it easier to transition into Lovia Profile v5 which will use Strapi.

Also, since v4 IDs use (auto-incrementing) integer while v5 native IDs use MongoDB ObjectIds, all access of user ID will use ssoId (FusionAuth ID) instead. This improves smooth transition into v5 and reduce code changes needed.

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