Let’s Start, This is My Own Career

Hallo everyone, I’m Selvia, just to call me Selvi. I’m a Psychology’s Master Student at Padjadjaran University. When I studied psychology in my undergraduate career, i learned more about human’s life. Be part of the psychology make me interested in exploring the science of behavior and mental processes in daily life.

I am very interested in satisfying my curiosity to understand their reasons for doing the things that they did, and helped me to better connect with them. There’s a quotes that i like to fulfill my ambition, “Education is experience, and the essence of experience is self-reliance” from T.H. White. Thats quotes saying the educations its important, but the experiences that make you grow. So today, i decided to join Lovia Team to start a journey of my experiences.

I believe, being part of the Lovia team will be give some varuable experiences and hopefully my knowledge will also be useful in here and will be beneficial for a lot of people. Thank you for the opportunity! All the best wishes, good luck for me!